Sunday, October 30, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

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Not my usual topic on this blog, but I had a fun little ghost scene from my alter ego. It is almost Halloween, after all!

The Set up: Katherine "KC" Carmichael inherits a B&B called the Honey House from a virtual stranger named Joanne. KC is trying to figure what the con is, because she started working scams when she was just a little girl, and recognizes one when she sees it. But if this is a's a damned good one.

The Six:
“You’re pale as a ghost, dear.”

“Funny, Joanne,” I said, wandering around the room looking for the projector.

“Yes, I thought so,” the transparent figure agreed, smiling rather smugly. "Now, please sit down because I have very little time and you must have a lot of questions.”

“Look...not that I’m admitting you’re a ghost, but say you were...where exactly would you need to be?”

“Why Rome, of course."

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