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Kayla Jameth is in the Pen!

Alexios' Fate Book Spotlight 

The setting for Alexios' Fate is Thrace during the early years of the fifth century BC. Thrace is the eastern-most portion of Greece close to the Persian Empire/modern day Turkey.

Greece was just hitting its stride as the cultural center of the ancient world. During the beginning of the fifth century, Persia is becoming a threat to the Greek world, but has not yet invaded. The first Persian invasion by King Darius I looms on the horizon. The battle of Marathon will take place while Prince Alexios is in his mid-20s. Persia will gobble up Dicaea and all of Thrace, but not reach the prince's new home in Delphi. But as you might expect Delphi will become much sought out by the other Greek city-states in the years leading up to the invasion. To give you some idea of time frame, Thermopylae and the 300 won't be for nearly another two decades.

So let me introduce you to my cast of characters. 

Prince Alexios of Dicaea, at 18 years old, has just come-of-age. His father expects him to make a marriage alliance at an age when he should be choosing a mentor instead. Greek men at that point in history didn't typically marry until they were in their 30s. Needless to say, he is rather put out about this.

King Lykos is one of the kings invited to Alexios' coming-of-age celebration as a possible father-in-law/mentor. Lykos is a mature bear of a man with confidence in spades, exactly the kind of man a youth would chose to be his mentor. He is in his late 30s, powerfully built with body hair and a beard. He and Alexios hit it off right from the start, much to Alexios' father's disgust.

Alexios' slave, Galen, sees his chance and makes a bid for his prince's heart. He is a youth only two years Alexios' senior.

And yes, Apollo is real. But he is not some paranormal, omniscient, superior being. He is the anthropomorphism of light, art, healing, and prophecy. The ancient Greeks did not expect omniscience nor demand enlightened beneficence of their gods. Their gods could be just as petty and spiteful as anyone else.

Each of these men wants something different from Alexios. Lykos is looking for a culturally appropriate fling (pederasty) that will likely last for a few years. Galen wants a lover. Apollo, in typical Olympian fashion, is looking for a use 'em and lose 'em one night stand. 

Inspiration for Galen

Blurb: The mature King Lykos has a sexy confidence that turns Alexios' head. Seduced by Lykos, Prince Alexios discovers a world of men he's never known before. 

Meanwhile his slave Galen has gotten tired of waiting in the wings. He sets out to woo Alexios and win his heart.

Even Apollo can't leave Alexios alone. The young prince finds himself pursued by a god and in danger of a perilous love.

How will Alexios follow his heart when he unwittingly wins the favor of a god? Can Alexios escape the fate of Apollo's past lovers and have the man he wants?

Alexios' Fate preorder sale: Get 10% off until April 12 with the code ALEXIOSFATEPREORDER04C352FF


Alexios' father, still red-faced and with fists clenched, followed him into his room and glared at his slave Galen until the young man left. Demetrios twitched the mantle covering Alexios with contempt, almost as if touching the offending garment sullied his hand.

"Explain to me why my son comes back to me in Lykos' care, wearing another man's mantle? I'm sure the other kings want to know as well!" His voice took on a dangerous quality, "Don't play the wanton and act like you're already his."

Alexios jerked his head up, thrumming with restrained anger. "I am a prince of Dicaea! I belong to no one!"

"See that you keep yourself that way. I intend for you to make a marriage alliance. Whichever of those men becomes your father-in-law will have the mentoring of you." His father stalked to the door before turning. "I expect you to compete with the other youths at the games for your coming-of-age."

Feeling like a prize bull being offered to the highest bidder, Alexios tore the mantle from his body. He stood in no more than he would be wearing when he competed. Alexios realized his father not only wanted him to show his prowess, his father also wanted him on exhibit for the other kings.

"The alliance means so much you don't care if you have to put me on display to get what you want?"

"This alliance is more important than your wounded sensibilities. A betrothal will offer us the support we need to expand. A prince's loyalty is to his father. You will obey me in this!"

In spite of his father, his cock filled as he envisioned being on parade before Lykos and the other men. The fantasy of their eyes watching every move his body made gave rise to a shivery feeling at his core. Would they only have eyes for him or would they compare him to the other oiled bodies competing with him for the laurel? Would the victor also become the prize in some fashion?

The blood left Demetrios' face. "That...that man...excites you, doesn't he? Keep away from Lykos!" his father stuttered with a burgeoning air of alarm.

The dismayed man staggered through the doorway. He shoved past the slave standing in the hall, without thought or seeming awareness of his surroundings. Galen bowed to the king and kept an eye on Alexios' father as he stormed down the corridor.

Alexios still stood in openmouthed shock when Galen reentered the room, trying to fathom what his father's outburst had been all about. Bemused, Alexios wondered why his father wanted to keep him away from Lykos. For a moment, he had thought his father was jealous.


"Never mind him. He's not angry at you."

The air cooled his heated skin as he searched for a tunic to cover his nakedness. Galen reached past him to pick up the garment first. His arm brushed against Alexios' sensitive skin and a shudder ran down Alexios' frame.

Alexios turned and caught the look of surprise on his slave's face. Galen's carefully schooled his features to exhibited polite interest, nothing more.

Alexios gazed at the slave with speculation, contemplating what he knew of the man. Galen saw to all his needs, often before he realized he wanted something. The young man served him with such devotion Alexios had never been forced to rebuke him. In fact, Galen went to greater lengths than necessary, certainly more than duty required. He never wondered about the depth of Galen's dedication before. Why was Galen so diligent?

Taking the chiton from Galen's hands, Alexios replaced the garment on the chest at the foot of his bed. He feasted his eyes on the hale and comely slave. He had intended to slake his lust in one of the slave girls, but his own slave stood before him. Maybe he didn't need to go in search of someone else.

"Do you know what to do with this?" He gestured at his engorged cock.

An enigmatic mix of emotions washed across the young man's face. Distaste, hope, and despair jumbled together to distort the handsome features. Without a word, Galen slid to his knees and his hand stretched out to Alexios' cock.

About Me:

A knight and a former princess, Kayla Jameth now spends her time writing m/m romance. A true Renaissance woman, she has done everything from cross stitch like a proper lady to welding with the best of them. An eclectic life has left her with a unique understanding of the world inhabited by men and an appreciation for the difficulties faced by men in m/m relationships. It is her devout wish that her experiences translate into a richer telling of such tales. A minor in classical history left her with a special love of ancient history, especially during the classical period.

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Twosday with Silvia Violet and the Men from Abandoned

I just love Twosdays, err...Tuesdays around here any more. I get to meet such interesting people. Today, the ever charming Silvia Violet is here with her new Release, Abandoned. We thought we'd spend a nice morning just chatting--

Excuse...two gorgeous men just barged their way in here and-- Oh, well don't I feel foolish?

It's Lark and Derek from Silvia Violet's latest release, Abandoned. Sorry Sylvia...we'll chat later. I need to talk with the guys...

For those who haven’t met you before…how about a quick introduction:

Hi! I'm Derek Carlson and this is my partner, Lark Zaccaro. We just found each other again after a six-month separation during which I thought Lark had sold me out to our enemies and left me in prison to die. He didn't. He saved me, and now we're going to find the man who was responsible.

How did the two of you meet? We met when we were assigned to be partners in the Intergalactic Investigations Bureau (IIB).

Was it love at first sight? 
*Derek laughs* I tried to hate Lark at first. He was cocky, and he couldn't take orders worth a damn. But he showed me that he was the best at what he did and he was hotter than hell.

*Lark rolls his eyes* Derek was such a tightass. He refused to admit how much he wanted me. He hid behind The Rules. I did everything I could to get him in bed, but he refused, leaving me horny and cranky.

Derek, what’s a day in the life of loving your man like? *glances at Lark* Unnerving. I can't get used to needing someone so much. But it's wonderful too. Knowing that Lark's there for me, that he cares, that he's not just going to up and leave.

Lark, same question back at you. What’s a day in the life of loving your man typically like? Hot. Derek is so good at….*looks over at his partner* All right, I won't embarrass him. I still can't quite believe we're really together. I want to spend every second right beside him. We're going to take some time off for the next few months and get to know each other outside of life-threatening situations. I'm excited and a little scared.

What’s the best experience you’ve had as a couple? (*blushes* Okay, you can tell that kind of story if you want, but I meant how do people respond to you as a couple?)

Lark: The moment Derek realized I hadn't betrayed him, and we both found the courage to admit that we needed each other.

What’s the worst experience?

Lark: Leaving Derek when he was captured on Lithusia. I knew I couldn't get him out by myself but walking away was the hardest thing I've ever done.

What’s your idea of a dream date?

Derek: Anything where no one is shooting at us.

Lark: Never getting out of bed.

If you could give your partner/husband anything, make his most secret and special wish come true…what would you do or what would it be?

Lark: I'd erase his memories of the time he spent in prison.

Derek: I'd buy him a farm on a low tech planet and spend a summer there with him, cut off from the buzz of urban life.

If we were 25 years in the future, what do you see when you look back at your life together?

Derek: Turmoil, arguments, sex hot enough to burn down the walls and loyalty and support most people only dream of.

And just for fun:

Chocolate or vanilla?

Derek: chocolate

Lark: You got anything kinkier than chocolate?

Boxers or briefs?

Derek: boxers

Lark: neither

Top or bottom?

Derek: Top

Lark: Bottom but we both know how to be versatile when we want to be.

And then the nosy ones about your sex life:

How many times a week?

Lark: You'd do better to ask how many times a day.

Weirdest place?

Derek: On the bridge of my ship while I was bringing it in for a landing.

Ever been caught?

Lark: We're spies. It's our job not to get caught.

Favorite positions?

Lark: Face-to-Face

Derek: anything where I can hold him down

Cuffs or scarves?

Lark: cuffs, ropes, immobilization collar. I love restraint.

Favorite fulfilled fantasy?

Derek: putting Lark in a control collar

Lark: finally getting the spanking I knew Derek wanted to give me

Final thoughts?

Lark: When I agreed to a deep cover assignment after leaving Derek on Lithusia, I never thought I'd see him again. I thank the gods every day that he's here with me now. I'm never going to take that for granted.

Derek: I love Lark more than I can say. I never thought I'd be able to admit that to him, much less say it publically, but now I can't say it enough.

Really wonderful story, guys. I loved getting to know you a little better. I'm very glad you dropped by to share it with us. Come back anytime.

Oh, and bring Sylvia, we never did get to talk!

Here's a little bit more of the guys:


Lark Zaccaro and Derek Carlson were partners and friends. Lark wanted more. Then someone at the Intergalactic Investigations Bureau sold them out to enemy aliens. Lark was forced to abandon Derek to the enemy, and Derek bought the IIB’s story that Lark betrayed them all.

When Lark’s deep cover mission and Derek’s new job in search-and-rescue collide, the desire simmering between them explodes. Lark needs Derek’s help to escape a new enemy, and Derek needs to discover the truth about what really happened on that alien planet. Can they overcome lies and betrayal and find the love and comfort they seek, or will their past forever keep them apart?

Unedited Excerpt:

Lark Zaccaro smiled as he stepped out of the dripping jungle heat, and into the prison building. Even inside, the stale air was so splyvin' hot it belonged in an oven. He didn't know how anyone could breathe. Not that he was supposed to give a fuck if his prisoners got air or not. He took as deep a breath as he could and headed straight for the interrogation room.

A few hours earlier, his guards had discovered a man crouched in the underbrush, spying on their enclave. Lark's morning had been hell so far, and a vicious interrogation suited his mood perfectly. The two guards flanking the door stepped aside, so he could enter what was truly more of a torture chamber than an interrogation room. At least that's what it had been for his predecessor, and the longer Lark lived on Lancarina, the more he found himself becoming like the man he'd assassinated and replaced. He pushed that disturbing thought away. He wouldn't dwell on how low he'd sunk since he'd left his partner to die in a Lithusian prison cell.

The captive hung from the ceiling, suspended by a heavy chain circling his bound wrists. His toes barely scraped the floor, forcing his arms to support the weight of his large body. The dirty chain bit into his wrists, and blood dripped down his arms. In this squalid jungle, he'd have a deadly infection in no time. Lark would have to do something about that. The man had a ship with advanced defenses. Thus, he was Lark's ticket off this cesspool of a planet.

The man's clothes hung in shreds, and Lark couldn't help but admire his muscular body. His gaze slid over the captive's hard thighs, the impressive bulge in his pants, and the well-defined and disturbingly familiar planes of his chest. When he saw the man's face, he froze. No. It couldn't be. His former partner would have no reason to be here. But Derek Carlson, the man who had haunted Lark's nightmares and his fantasies every day for the six Old Earth months he been in this hellhole, was right in front of him. Chained. Suspended. His to do with as he pleased.

Lark's cock hardened, pressing against the confines of his pants. His body knew what it wanted from Derek, but his mind was less sure. Retribution? Forgiveness? A hot fuck before he threw him in prison to rot? Salvation? His gut knotted at that thought, and he fought to keep his guards from noticing how off kilter he was. He had to play his role, not rush this moment.

There would be time later, in his private quarters, to decide what he wanted to know and how he was going to get the information. If the vessel they had captured in the jungle was Derek's private issue ship, then he'd finally forsaken the lying scum at the Intergalactic Investigation Bureau. They might say their mission is to protect everyone in the five galaxies, but they only care about protecting their own asses. Lark intended to find out why Derek had left, but his guards would play no part in that interrogation. Derek was his.

Lark took a few steps toward the prisoner and studied him. He'd wanted him for years, from the moment they were assigned to work with each other at the IIB. Derek had turned down all his advances, saying they should keep their relationship professional. But now Derek was his prisoner, not his partner. If he wanted to live, he'd do whatever Lark told him to.

From the way Derek limply hung in his bonds, he was either unconscious or doing an excellent job of faking it. His former partner had fought hard from the look of him. A livid bruise stood out on one cheek and purple splotches decorated his ribs. A deep gash on his arm had dripped blood trails that were now dry. He would have to tend to Derek’s wounds.

Lark needed the man's piloting skills. If he were going to kill Derek for believing those liars from the IIB when they told him Lark had turned traitor, he intended to do so with his own hands after they got off planet. Fortunately, he kept a fully stocked first aid cabinet in his quarters. He just needed to find a way to get Derek there without making his men suspicious .

Nothing but fear and the promise of a huge payoff on their next deal kept Lark's men from turning on him, in the same way he'd turned on the man he had been sent here to investigate. He pulled a long thin blade from his boot and pretended to examine the sharp edge as he circled Derek. He had to suppress a gasp when he saw the maze of scars criss-crossing Derek's back. If he let himself think about how Derek got those, he might be sick right here.

"Leave us," he said to the guards who were eyeing the prisoner in obvious hope of getting some play time.

Abandoned released March 24. It's available from Silver Publishing.

Galactic Betrayal 1 Abandoned by Sylvia Violet

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Review or not to Review, Part Two

After considering whether authors should ask for a review, it seemed important to look at things on the reviewer's side of the equation. I don't mean the individual reviewer who takes the time to "Star" and comment on Amazon or GoodReads. Nor am I thinking of the paid, professional reviewer. I'm talking about about those who create blogs and webpages in order to share their opinions about books.

So Reviewers, today it's your turn...ask yourself why do you choose to spend your time reading and reviewing books?

Because you should know, Dear Blogger-Reviewer, a reader may first encounter your site because an author or friend referred them by sharing a link. Readers who come back to your site do so because they value and respect your opinion.

First, a quiz:

What is the most most appropriate reason you should start a book review blog? (Select the one most correct response)
A.) To get receive free books.
B.) For the glory of seeing my name in pixels.
C.) To receive the undying gratitude of authors and publishers.
D.) Because I am a voracious reader who loves to read and talk about books.

For the most part, review blogs and websites are written by readers - for readers. It's the reader-to-reader connection that makes a blog special and worth reading.  

I've been a reader a lot longer than I've been a writer. You can be sure that if a review site is one I regularly follow, that means the  reviewer is a like-minded reader, and I trust his or her book recommendations. I don't care how a book was acquired by the reviewer, whether it it was submitted by the author, the publisher, or selected from the reviewer's own personal collection. Because as a reader and potential purchaser, that's not relevant to me. What I want to know is whether I should buy the book.

Authors have their uses-just not on review blogs

Now let me be clear. I am speaking of the independent review site or of the "review" side of those sites created as promotion spots for blog hops, author exchanges, etc.

I'm speaking of just the review side. Or sites only built around reviews. Just reviews. Clear?

Reviews are and should be separate from promotion. Interviews are promotion. Contests are promotion. Chats are promotion. I shouldn't expect to see the author on the reviewer's website. I can go to the promotion side of the site or to the author's site if that is the interaction I seek.

Reviews should be separate from any external influence.

It may just be me, but I think it can be rather disconcerting to have the author thanking the reviewer. It raises a question. Is the reviewer being thanked for taking the time to review? For posting? For the good or bad opinion? For a free book? Just what is the connection between the reviewer and the author? 

And then there are those darn negative reviews. Have you seen the terse thank you from an author posted after a not a particularly complimentary review? Yeah...that doesn't ring true for me, either.

Disclaimer an author, I have received reviews on blogs. Sometimes at my request, sometimes through serendipity. Some have been complimentary, some not. I have posted those "Thank yous," and I have always felt awkward about doing so. After the blog explosion yesterday on this very issue of authors thanking bloggers, I have decided to go with my gut in the future. Author's posts on review sites always feel like self-promotion.

I think it's better if the author just steps back and lets the reviewer and readers make their own connections. After all, Dear Author...your job (my job) was to write the book. Now it's out of our hands and on to the readers.

So, Blogger-Reviewer, I'm tell me your opinion of a book. 

Why is this book on your review site and why am I here? What is the common connection? Do we share a taste for paranormals? Romances? Erotica? Mysteries?

So now, tell me about this book. Tell me about the plot (but good grief, don't you dare "spoil" it). Tell me if this book will make me laugh or cry or cringe. Tell me not to waste my money or tell me to buy it right now! 

What I want to know most from my favorite reviewers is why did this book work for you? That way I can make an informed opinion about whether or not the book will work for me, too.

Dear Blogger-Reviewer, somewhere along the way, I found your site, and because of your opinion...I have found a good book to read. I keep coming back to your site for more of your suggestions. Unless you suddenly start writing reviews that "Like" poorly written books or switch genres on me, I will continue to trust your opinion. 

Keep me coming back!


 I saw an interesting if semi-viral (and possibly lethal) explosion of opinions on this topic yesterday. What say you?

And be sure to drop by tomorrow for a visit with Lark and Derek from Silvia Violet's just released book, Abandoned. Phew, it's hot in here! 

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To Review or not Review - Part One

It seems as if everywhere I look lately, there are conversations popping up about reviews. This post is specifically about authors who are considering requesting reviews from the major or minor review blogs and for the reviewer/bloggers who write them.

(Yes, someday I'll tackle reader reviews at GoodReads and other sites. I'll want to gird my loins, first...)

Writers...first ask yourself why you want a review...
The reason a writer wants a review directs the rest of the process. If the reason is validation-you just want someone to tell you you're good and they love your book...then ask a friend to read it and then stop talking about it. (This is the hardest one for most of us)

If it's to promote sales, but you're afraid of reviews, then don't ask for a review. Ask for blog spots or take advantage of every free promo opportunity, like LRC Loop, etc.

If, after thinking about why you want to be decide still want reviews and are willing to take the feedback or flat out rejections:

1. Join Manic Reviewers and follow the process to request multiple reviews at once with the minimum of trouble.

2. Always request a review privately. Follow up in private, too. Never, ever pressure the reviewer to hurry up, change their rating, to reconsider their decision not to review.

3. Give away as many copies of your book as possible, including to everyone from whom you request a review. People are more likely to rate book positively if they've been given a free copy.

4. The value of the book is in the eye of the reader. Whatever the reviewer writes is correct. Hate it, but it's true. Do pick and choose the best quotes to put on your blog or website, and ask for permission to quote, if it isn't expressly granted on the reviewers site.

And finally, I think if you thank one reviewer, you have to thank them all. Or ignore them all. (At least, that's going to be my new policy.) Either way, just accept that you live with the consequences of your choice, and there will be something wrong, either way you choose.


Return tomorrow for my take on Review websites and reader/review/author interaction.

Possible useful link:
Manic Reviews:

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Lucky 7

Oh dear...I've been tagged with some new project...okay, maybe "project" isn't exactly right. Sara York, via Lee Brazil, and presumably, via others. Here's the challenge: 

Here are the rules:
1. Go to page 77 (or 7th) of your current ms
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines - sentences or paragraphs - and post them as they're written. No cheating.
4. Tag 7 other authors. No cheating.

So here's where it gets weird for me. I'm writing Redemption, Three's Allowed, Book 4 and editing  Highland Pull, book 2 of the Highland Destiny Series.  Take your pick...

Redemption, Page 7 (paragraphs): “What? Oh no, I’m not hurt. It’s just…there was a mix up. They thought we cancelled our reservation when….” She shook her head and then took a deep breath. Speaking quickly, she said, “They gave away our reservation. Of course, now all the cabins and dorms are booked. The campground is full. I’m not sure what we’re going to do…” she trailed off. Her gaze drifted back in the direction of the river.

“Uriah thought we could wait until some of the campers arrive later and then see if someone was willing to share a space. We do have a back county permit, but it’s not valid until Wednesday. We have to…have to— It’s just….” She trailed off, looking more lost than ever. Tears welled again and threatened to spill.

There was no conscious thought process. They were at Phantom Ranch, at the end of a nine-mile hike, at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The temperature was at least twenty degrees hotter than it had been at the top, and he knew it would soar to close to one hundred and twenty degrees before the afternoon heat was finished with them. Why in the hell hadn’t her idiot of a husband confirmed their reservation before they left the rim? The cabins were booked more than a year in advance.

Not that he’d actually waited that long himself and wasn’t that the irony of the situation? Being the assistant soccer coach over the summer had netted him at least one benefit. His friend Nan had put him on the waiting list for a cabin shortly after he’d stitched up her son’s foot after a soccer mishap. When they’d gotten a last minute cancellation, his name had been at the top of the list. Now he was faced with the couple whose room reservation had been cancelled. Sharing was the only decent thing to do.

“It’s just the two of you, right? I‘ve got this handled, no problem,” he said. “You’ll stay in my cabin.”

“Oh, but—“

“Look, I know we don’t know each other, but I’ve worked at the clinic here in the park all summer. The rangers can vouch for me. And you can give them your names to keep on file. That gives us each a little bit of protection, just in case you’re a homicidal axe murderess.” He glared down at her, made his mouth a frown. “You’re not, are you? An axe murderess, I mean. You don’t look like a killer, but God knows, I couldn’t run away from a tortoise right about now.”

Highland Pull, page 77 (Sentences:

By Danu, he’d gotten a deal for this exchange, if she proved to be fertile.
He had hated the thought of marrying for the sole purpose of creating heirs, but if the family line was to continue, it was now up to him. It was a bitter thought. His elder brother, the Laird and Clan Chief, had been lost at sea, two months past when his ship had failed to return. Gabhran, as younger brother had been free from the burden of managing the estates, had never concerned himself with thoughts of succession or progeny.

Gabhran had always assumed his brother would live to a ripe old age, have many children, and pass the title to his eldest son. ‘Twas how it should have happened, would have happened if Robert the Bruce had not summoned his brother to travel to some neighboring countries in an effort to elicit support for the Scots in their fight for freedom.    

Yeah...that's awkward, lol!

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Twosdays: Finn and Diego with Angel Martinez

I am unbelievably excited to have the delightfully wonderful and witty writer, Angel Martinez with us this week. If you haven't read Angel yet, read this interview, then go immediately to your favorite online book vendor and buy her books. All of them. Not kidding here....

Okay, anyway, before I scare you all away, please enjoy this interview of two of my favorites, Finn and Diego:

1. For those who haven’t met you before…how about a quick introduction:

Diego: Oh. Did you want me to start, mi vida?
Finn: No, no, I’m able to. I know how humans do this. I’m Finn Shannon. That’s the last name Diego gave to me because I needed one on a piece of paper. I’m a pooka. This is Diego Sandoval. Isn’t he handsome? But he’s mine. You can’t have him.
Diego (laughing): Finn! What a time to get possessive!
Finn (shrugs): It’s best to be clear about these things.

2. How did the two of you meet?

Diego: I spotted Finn on the rail of the Brooklyn Bridge one evening. I thought he was a jumper—
Finn: I might have jumped, love, if the water had been cleaner.
Diego: “Jumper” as in someone trying to kill himself, caro.
Finn: But I wasn’t. I was trying to stay alive, and doing a poor job of it on my own, I don’t mind saying.
Diego (pats his arm): I know. Anyway, I stopped to talk the man down and ended up taking him home because he was so ill and confused.

3. Was it love at first sight?

Finn and Diego answer at the same moment. Finn: Yes Diego: No
Finn: Truly? No?
Diego: Don’t get all upset. You were filthy and I thought you were crazy. And you’re really stretching the truth, you know. You didn’t even trust me at first, much less love me.
Finn: Perhaps. But I did, from the first moment, want to get your clothes off and shove my—
Diego: Finn! Dios! You don’t really have to go into all that.
Finn (muttering): Prude

4. Finn, what’s a day in the life of loving your man like?

Finn: Oh, Diego is often up before the crickets have quieted. He makes some of that dreadful poison…
Diego: Coffee
Finn: …and may even remember to kiss his poor pooka before he shuts himself up with the writing box…
Diego (hand over eyes): Computer
Finn: …where he makes stories. So he tells me. He usually comes out for lunch, though. I like lunch. If he’s had a good morning, he might be coaxed into some mating with lunch, which is lovely. Sometimes he might even stay for a nap afterward, but most days, he deserts me again until dinner.
Diego: You make it sound like you’re lying around pining for me all day.
Finn (nuzzling at Diego’s ear): Sometimes I do.

5. Diego, same question back at you. What’s a day in the life of loving your man typically like?

Diego: Please don’t pay any attention to him. He wants you to feel sorry for him so maybe you’ll fuss over him and offer him food. On a nice day, Finn doesn’t spend a moment more inside than he has to. He’s out the door after breakfast, hunting and fishing in the woods all day. When he finally wanders in, tracking mud and leaves all over the floor…
Finn: I don’t! Not anymore!
Diego: …he’s often too stuffed to eat what I’ve made him for dinner. On a bad weather day, he rattles around the house making a nuisance of himself until I have to stop work and pay attention to him before he causes some household disaster.
Finn: I would never—
Diego: Three words: Laundry machine flood
Finn: Ah. There was that.

6. What’s the best experience you’ve had as a couple? (*blushes* Okay, you can tell that kind of story if you want, but I meant how do people respond to you as a couple?)

Diego: I’m not sure I—
Finn: Wait, love. I have one. When we still lived in at Miriam’s house in New Brunswick and we had gone to town together for the first time?
Diego (smiles): Oh, right. Of course. I’d been afraid at the time of how people might react to Finn and I being together. Not everyone in Canada’s tolerant of gay couples, especially in the rural areas. We’d gone to the General Store in town for some supplies—cream for Finn, coffee for me—and Finn forgot my warnings and kissed the top of my head while we stood at the counter. The lady who runs the store frowned at us a minute and asked, “Are you two lovers?” When Finn said yes, she turned to me and whispered, “What’s it like? Bedding an Irishman?”
Finn: I think we laughed for days.

7. What’s the worst experience?

Finn chokes on a whimper and turns away
Diego (takes his hand): I think we’d rather not talk about that. You’d have to read the second book, the one Angel called “Diego.” I don’t think you’d ask the question again if you did.

8. What’s your idea of a dream date?

Diego: You know, we never really dated. I guess I never thought about it. But I’d like to take Finn to the theater some day. He likes plays on TV, so I think he’d enjoy it.
Finn (perks up): I would like to see the Blue People. They make such fascinating sounds.
Diego: Blue Man Group? Where did you see that?
Finn: On the picture box. Could we go, please?
Diego: Huh. Learn something new every day. I’ll see what I can do.

9. If you could give your partner/husband anything, make his most secret and special wish come true…what would you do or what would it be?

Diego (runs a thumb across the back of Finn’s hand): To live forever, so he wouldn’t have to go through the pain of separation again.

10. If we were 25 years in the future, what do you see when you look back at your life together?

Finn: Much laughter. Much love. Many good friends with us. And lots and lots of good…
Diego: Finn, please!
Finn (grins): …times.

And just for fun: (pick any or all)

Chocolate or vanilla? Finn and Diego answer simultaneously: Chocolate
Boxers or briefs? Finn (squirms): Neither. Underwear is such a bother.
Dog or cats? Finn (gives Diego a perplexed look): To eat? Diego: No, which do you prefer as a friend. Finn: Oh. I like both. Dogs are more sociable but cats have more sense.
Top or bottom? Finn: Yes, please. Diego (laughing): Depends on the mood.
Pool or beach? Diego (pats Finn’s leg): Beach. Pool chlorine makes him sick.

Favorite book? Finn: Anything Diego reads to me. I particularly liked his book about me.
Favorite movie? Diego: Finn’s a rabid Miyazaki fan. Finn: Totoro! Can we watch it tonight? Diego: Again? Finn: Howl’s Moving Castle, then? Diego: All right, fine. At least it’s been a few weeks for that one…

And then the nosy ones about your sex life:

How many times a week Finn: As often as possible. Diego: There are nights without sex. I do need a break sometimes. Lucky for me, Finn’s happy with a snuggle as a substitute.
Weirdest place? Diego (flushes): probably up in that huge pine tree. I still can’t believe he talked me into that.
Favorite positions? Finn (blinks): People have favorites? Does that mean they stop doing the other ones?
Cuffs or scarves? Diego (covers Finn’s ears): We don’t use the “C” word.

Final thoughts?

Finn (bows over Laura’s hand): Thank you for having us, beautiful lady.
Diego: Give Ms. Laura her hand back, caro. It’s hard for her to type one-handed.

(Finn and Diego live in Angel Martinez’s Endangered Fae series – now available through Silver Publishing: )

Thank you darling Angel for bringing your men to visit. I just love them and you!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Two for Tuesday: Kieran and Lucas, and a Free Read to Die for...

‎1. For those who haven't met you about a quick introduction?

Kieran: Glances at Lucas, "Um, well . . ." He takes Lucas's hand in both of his and turns back to Laura. "I'm Kieran, and this is Lucas. He's my mate. Isn't he handsome?" He grins. "I'm a vampire hunter."

Lucas: Ducks his head to hide the blush. "Stop, they don't care about how I look." Glances up at Laura. "As he said, I am Lucas. I was human until several months ago. It's quite a long story to explain what happened, but the end result I'm now vampire too. I'm not a hunter, but I do go out with Kieran and assist and learn what I can from him."

Kieran: “He’s shy.” Kieran grins at Lucas’s bashfulness. “And modest. He’s better than he lets on. And I should clarify: I’m a vampire and a hunter. I hunt rogue vampires, but leave the innocent ones alone.”

‎2. How did the two of you meet?

Kieran: Looks at Lucas and laughs. "I had to save Lucas's life from the big bad wolf." He clears his throat and squeezes Lucas's hand. "Actually, it wasn't a wolf. A nasty rogue named Searcy wanted to kill Lucas and I sort of took it upon myself to protect him. You want to tell her about the first time you and I, uh, ran into each other, love?"

Lucas: "I had just picked up some Chinese take out. I swear I hadn't taken five steps out of the restaurant when I was hit by a Mack truck." Playfully punches Kieran in the chest. "At least that is what it felt like when Kieran ran into me, causing my food to go flying everywhere.”

Kieran: Kieran ducks as Lucas punches him in the chest. "Your food! What about my iPod? I had to give the thing a proper burial and everything." He flings his arm around Lucas and pulls him close to ruffle his hair. "It was worth it, though. I got you. Screw the iPod."

Lucas: "Hey, I got you a new iPod." Smiles, leaning back against Kieran.

3. You two are hot, er, I mean, a hoot. *Laura chuckles.* So, was it love at first sight?

Kieran: He nods and looks at Lucas with love in his eyes. "Yeah, it kinda was for me."

Lucas: Tilts his head back and looks at Kieran. "I can't say it was love at first sight for me, but I definitely was feeling him. I had lost my partner not long before and was a bit scared to get involved again, but it didn't take long for me to realize I couldn't live without him. I loved him before even knowing what he was."

Kieran: Gets a goofy smile on his face and tilts his forehead against Lucas’s. “You accepted my tattoos and everything.” Glances at Laura. “I have these warnings tattooed all over my body from when I was kicked out of my clan. I wasn’t always such a nice guy, and well, my clan wanted everyone to know that. I was ashamed of my tattoos until Lucas saw them and told me how much he loved them and how beautiful they were. He made me see them differently and now I enjoy showing them off.” Leans against Lucas again affectionately before pulling back and sitting upright again.

4. Lucas, what’s a day in the life of loving Kieran like?

Kieran: Blushes and looks down as Lucas answers.

Lucas: "Well, I don't get him all to myself. I have to share him with those two greedy muts." Glances at the dogs, lying at his feet. "Actually, I can't imagine life without him. We share a link, a bond with each other. When he is not here, I feel like I am missing half of my soul. We have our arguements like all couples, but really, loving him comes easy."

5. Kieran, same question back at you. What’s a day in the life of loving Lucas like?

Kieran: Still blushing, he looks at Lucas as he answers the question. "Wonderful . . . better than I ever imagined loving someone could be. Like he said, we have this link and I can feel everything he feels and I can hear this thoughts, and well, that makes things interesting sometimes." He grins and sends the thought to Lucas, but I'm not going to go into details about exactly when and how our link makes me hot as hell, love. He smiles pleasantly at Laura. "Next?"

6. Laura arches an eyebrow, feeling like something is going on she's not aware of. "Okay, what’s the best experience you’ve had as a couple?"

Lucas: Brushes his hand over his jaw as he thinks. "Hmm, that is a hard question. We have had so many experiences together. Major life altering things, but I think if I had to choose something, it would be Florida. We recently went down to Florida to visit Kieran's sister and then took a couple days to ourselves down there. I really enjoyed being away and just having time for the two of us away from everyday junk."

Kieran: Nods. “I would agree. We’ve had tons of great experiences. I mean, when Lucas saw my tattoos that first time and didn’t get scared off, that’s a stand-out memory for me. And the first time he told me he loved me. But Florida was so relaxing and we could really savor each other for the first time since we got together. Nothing but us. No rogues to kill or who were trying to kill us. It was nice.” He exchanges a knowing glance with Lucas.

7. What’s the worst experience?

Kieran: "When I thought I'd lost Lucas." He averts his gaze uncomfortably as he remembers when Jerald bit Lucas and almost killed him. "A rogue tried to change Lucas, but didn't give him enough venom and almost killed him. I had to complete the transition. Thank God my blood is so strong or I wouldn't have been able to save him." Kisses Lucas. "I knew Lucas had wanted to stay human and I hated putting him through the transition, but it was the only way to keep him alive, and I wasn't going to lose him." He looks at Lucas. "I'd die without you, love."

Lucas: Closes his eyes for a moment, getting lost in the memories of the past. Finally, swallowing the emotions that the memory brings, he nods. "That was a tough time. I understood why he changed me but it wasn't easy having it forced on me." Turning to smile at Kieran. "I love you too." Looking back at Laura. "For me the worst would be when Kieran almost died. A powerful ancient nearly burned Kieran alive. By the time I saw him..." Blinking back tears. "I really didn't think there was any hope. I thought he was dead."

Kieran: The room grows quiet and he pulls Lucas into his arms. "I'm not going anywhere, love."

8. Laura wipes away a tear and sniffles, clearing the emotion from her throat. "This next question sounds a bit inappropriate after that, but um, what’s your idea of a dream date?"

Lucas: Smiles as he glances at Kieran. "Dream date. Hmm, wow that is a tough question. I don't know. It doesn't matter where or what we do, it always turns out perfect, but…” Looks at Kieran. “I don't know, love. What do you think?”

Kieran: He smiles and thinks. “Hmm, wow, that’s tough, because every time we go out it’s like a dream date for me.” He thinks about Florida. “Maybe a date like we had in Florida.” He looks back at Laura. “Being able to go out and not have to worry about rogues coming after us or interrupting was really awesome. I can’t emphasize that enough.” He turns back to Lucas. “I might have to take you on vacation more often.”

Lucas: "I would love that." Lifting his hand to caress Kieran's cheek.

9. If you could give your husband anything, make his most secret and special wish come true, what would you do or what would it be?

Kieran: He chuckles and pats Lucas's hand. "Husband," he says dramatically before breaking into a good-natured laugh. "We're not married, yet, but," he lifts Lucas's hand to his mouth and kisses the gold band on his ring finger, "that's my most special wish, even if it's not a secret. Lucas knows I want to marry him and make it official. You know, make these rings mean something more than that we're committed to each other." He holds up his own hand to show off his ring.

Lucas: Meeting Kieran's eyes, as he gives Kieran's hand a squeeze. "I have to agree, he is my husband in every way, but to make it official." Takes a deep breath. "If I could give Kieran anything though, I would try to find a way to reconcile him with his family, his parents, brothers and sisters. I don't know if it would ever be possible, but it would be one thing I would love to give him if I could."

Kieran: “I think that bridge is burned, but who knows. Maybe you’ll be the bridge that brings us all back together.” Kieran smiles. “I guess I would do something similar for Lucas and help him where his parents are concerned. They’ve never accepted that Lucas is gay, and if I could wave a magic wand, I’d grant his parents the open-mindedness to accept him the way he is.”

Lucas: Frowns as he shakes his head. "I love you for thinking that, but I think my parents coming around is even more of a impossibility than yours welcoming you home." Sits silent, hoping Laura hurries with the next question.

10. Laura senses she needs to move on. Quickly. “Okay then, next question. If we were 25 years in the future, what do you see when you look back at your life together?

Kieran: "That it's just as drop in the bucket of how much time we still have together. That's the good thing about immortality. I get to have him forever." Smiles at Lucas.

Lucas: "I still can't wrap my mind around being immortal. I keep expecting to wake up to gray hairs and wrinkles. But Kieran is right. I don't think much will change. I think we will be pretty close to as perfect as they are now. I can't imagine it getting any better than it is."

Kieran: “Just as long as you still taste as good as you do now.” Kieran lifts his eyebrows and throws Lucas a cockeyed grin.

Lucas: Blushes, giving Kieran an exasperated stare and a playful shove. "Stop."

Kieran: Snickers as he glances back to Laura. “Okay, save him from me and ask your next question.”

Just for fun, then:

Chocolate or vanilla?

Kieran and Lucas: "Coffee Toffee!" They both practically shout it at the same time.

Kieran: Starts laughing and shoves Lucas's shoulder playfully. “Hey, that’s my answer!”

Boxers or briefs?

Lucas: Smiles slyly. "You don't." He slips the tip of his fingers down the back of Kieran's pants causally. "And me?"

Kieran: He clears his throat, a mischievous grin spreading over his face. “Both and all of the above.” He can’t help letting his gaze drop down to the front of Lucas’s pants before catching himself and sitting back abruptly and looking back to Laura.

Dogs or cats?

Kieran: Both, but I only have dogs right now.

Lucas: "I agree, both. Would love to get us a cat someday."

Top or bottom?

Kieran: "Yes."

Lucas: Laughs at Kieran's answer. "Yes both, but I do enjoy letting Kieran have control a lot of the time." Lowers his voice. "I enjoy submitting to him."

Kieran: Purrs and thinks this interview needs to move a little faster as he ranges his gaze up and down Lucas’s body.

Lucas: Speaks through their link. Behave, we have company.

Kieran: Narrows his eyes at Lucas and thinks back to him, Fine, but you’re mine as soon as this is over.

Lucas: Raises a brow, teasingly. You think? Maybe you're mine.

Ketchup or mustard?

Kieran: “Ketchup, definitely.”

Lucas: Nods. "Ketchup, but if you want the truth, I will take mayonnaise over those any day." Grins at Kieran.

Kieran: “With bacon.” He grins back, then winks at Laura. “Private joke. Let’s just say, who knew BLTs could be so fun?”

Lucas: fakes a cough. "Okay, next?"

Camping or hotel?

Kieran: Hotel. Easier to stay out of the sun that way.

Lucas: Frowns. "Being raised in Colorado, I love camping, but Kieran is right, now that I am vampire..." Let's his voice trail off and looks down.

Kieran: Makes a mental note to find a way to take Lucas camping.

Pool or beach?

Kieran: Remembers Florida. "Beach!"

Lucas: "Agreed, after that trip to Florida and our moonlit walks on the beach, I will take beach any day!"

Kieran Teague Kieran: "Walks?"

Lucas: Eyes flash between Kieran and Laura. "Um, yes... walks!"

Kieran: "Oh, yeah! Um, walks! That's right. Just walks." Turns away from Laura, trying to hide his smile.

Favorite sport?
Lucas: "Football! Go Broncos!"

Kieran: Yes, football.

Favorite book?

Kieran: "If you saw my library, you would know why I can't answer that."

Lucas: "That is easy for me. The Bible”

Favorite movie?

Lucas: "Now there is one I am not sure of. Maybe Shawshank redemption."

Kieran: "Where do I start? Bladerunner, Star Wars, Witness, almost anything with Harrison Ford or directed by Stephen Soderberg.

Favorite song?

Kieran: My favorite songs are too off-the-wall for most people to know and too numerous to relay here. I do enjoy classical music, though.

Lucas: "Kieran has really opened my mind to new artists, but I prefer classical most the time. What just depends on the day and my mood."

Favorite memory?

Lucas: Smiles and looks at Kieran. "It's one that almost wasn't at all. Kieran came into my room one night when I was going through a really hard time. He sat in the bed holding me, talking to me. He had me under compulsion during it, and I didn't remember it at all at the time. But once I learned what Kieran was, and he opened up my mind to the memory... Anyway, that is my favorite one. Coming in a close second, was the night Kieran proposed to me."

Kieran: “That’s a tough one. I feel like every new memory Lucas and I make is my favorite one. But I guess it could be that first time I took my shirt off and let Lucas see my tattoos. They were such a stigma for me and I had been so ashamed of them. I remember how nervous I was. I was shaking so badly. Lucas gasped and at first I thought he was repulsed and then he touched me and marveled over the intricate patterns that cover my chest, my torso, my back, and my arms. The look on his face and the tone of his voice as he told me my tattoos were beautiful…” He sighs and clutches Lucas’s hand. “I can still see and hear him. That was special for me.”

Fantasy vacation?

Lucas: Places his palm on Kieran's knee. "I would like to go to London with Kieran. I have always loved the history there, and to go with him, have him show me how it used to be when he lived there. It would be amazing to be able to see it through his eyes."

Kieran: “Fantasy vacation? Hmm. Call me a sap, but I just want to get Lucas in a mountain cabin – one of those really nice ones with an outdoor hot tub and a deck that wraps all around the house – and get snowed in with a stocked pantry, a huge stack of firewood, and a plush bear skin rug in front of the fireplace. We would have to snuggle under a blanket to keep warm. Yeah, that sounds perfect.”

And then the nosy ones about your sex life:

How many times a week?

Lucas: Feels his face redden as he glances back at Kieran then back down at his hands folded in his lap.

Kieran: Chuckles and gives Lucas a look. "How much is too much?"

Lucas: Blushes deeper, leaning his face against Kieran's shoulder.

Kieran: "Let's just say, it's enough." Grins at Lucas being all shy.

Weirdest place?

Kieran: "Umm." Exchanges glances with Lucas. "Where was the weirdest place, Love?" Looks at Laura. "We get pretty creative, so we might need to convo on this one."

Lucas: Lucas: "Um, maybe the parking garage, or..." Looks at Kieran and smiles. "The park bench?"

Kieran: "Oooohhhh, that’s right. The park bench." Smiles as he remembers that night.

Lucas: Glances back at Laura and nods. "Yeah, the park bench."

Ever been caught?

Lucas: Laughs. "Not that they remember."

Kieran: Taps his temple and winks at Laura. "Jedi mind trick. Anyone sees us, we can make them forget. Being a vampire has its perks."

Favorite positions?

Kieran: "Yes, please."

Lucas: "Yeah, what he said. Any and all."

Cuffs or scarves?

Kieran: "Neither. I like when he restrains me all by himself. No extra equipment required." Throws Lucas an adoring glance.

Lucas: Glances at Kieran. "Really? You like it when I force you, or um, hold you down?

Kieran: Gives Lucas a look. "Um, YEAH! Couldn't you tell?" Laughs.

Lucas: Shrugs. "You seem to always enjoy it, no matter how we do it." Looks at Laura and blushes again. "But now I know."

Brand of lube?

Lucas: Shrugs and looks at Kieran. "KY?"

Kieran: Nods. "Sure, if we get to it in time and it's within arm's length." Looks at Laura. "Sometimes we get in a hurry."

Lucas: Elbows Kieran gently. "You don't have to tell her everything."

Favorite fulfilled fantasy?

Kieran: Smiles at Laura and points at Lucas.

Lucas: "Kieran, he is every fantasy I could have, fullfilled."

Favorite waiting-to-be fulfilled fantasy?

Kieran: Shakes head. "I have none."

Lucas: "Me either. Finding and falling in love with Kieran, I can't think of anything that could top that. Well, maybe marrying him." Leans in to give Kieran a kiss.

Final thoughts?

Kieran: Only that if you want to read out story, we have a fan page on Facebook where we've posted all of it in the notes. The page is The Penthouse. The link to the first chapter of the first book is:

Lucas: Leaning back against Kieran. "Yeah, there is so much more to share, we would love it if people stopped by and said hello."

Thank you, my friends for stopping by. Now if you'd like a little bite to eat before you go...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Twosome Tuesday: Aiden and Trace, with Sara York

People always want to hear about the real lives of some of their favorite couples. My friend Sarah York is here to talk about her latest release, but then Aiden and Trace sort of took over the interview...

For those who haven’t met you before…how about a quick introduction:
Aiden: Hi, I’m Aiden. I can’t really tell you what I do for a job, it’s classified.

Trace: He freaking gets shot at all the time.

Aiden: I do not. Since you’ve know me, how many times have I been shot at? Twice, maybe three times.

Trace: I’ve never been shot at.

Aiden: That’s because you’re a doctor and a good man. You save people.

Trace: So do you.

Aiden: Let me get back to introducing myself. I’m Aiden and socially, I can tell you I’m a computer salesperson, but that’s a lie. I’m in a much more dangerous business, one that requires me to do some rather questionable things at time.

Trace: But it’s all for good.

Aiden: Yes, it is. How about we do your introduction since I can’t actually talk about what I do.

Trace: I’m a doctor.

Aiden: That’s all you’re going to say.

Trace: What, I am a doctor. I save lives.

Aiden: What about your trip to the Amazon? You are amazing. You help so many people.

Trace: Gosh, you’re making me blush. I like to help people. It makes me feel good when I can make an impact on someone’s life.

How did the two of you meet?

Trace: He was on a date with a woman.

Aiden: Yep, then Trace walked into the restaurant and wow. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

Trace: You were staring.

Aiden: Then there was that time at the hospital.

Trace: I have to point out that you had just been shot at moments earlier.

Aiden: Damn, I shouldn’t have brought that up. Really, my job isn’t that dangerous.

Was it love at first sight?

Aiden: Yes

Trace: That was lust at first sight and you know it.

Aiden: Okay, I lusted after you. You are hot.

What’s a day in the life of loving your man like?

Aiden: We wake up early, so it’s usually dark, but I always turn to find Trace, draw him into my arms and hug him close, making sure he really is there. I never want to lose this man, he means so much to me.

Same question back at you, Trace. What’s a day in the life of loving your man like?

Trace: Aiden is very thoughtful. I think he makes our relationship a big romance. The other day he covered the bed in rose petals. I felt like we were making love in a garden.

What’s the best experience you’ve had as a couple? (*blushes* Okay, you can tell that kind of story if you want, but I meant how do people respond to you as a couple?)

Aiden: Um, well there are some experiences we can’t talk about.

Trace: Yeah, because of the work that we do together sometimes. It’s so rewarding. If you read the book, you’ll get an idea of what we’re doing together.

What’s the worst experience?

Trace: God, the first time I saw what Aiden does for a living. Still turns my stomach.

Aiden: Babe, I’m so sorry you had to see that. Come here and let me give you a hug.

What’s your idea of a dream date?

Trace: Um, condom, lube and my man.

Aiden: Dang, you take all the romance out of it. Sailing, I love going sailing with Trace. Last year we were in the Mediterranean together and we rented a boat.

Trace: Yep, that was great. The blue sky, the beautiful water and your naked body.

Aiden: You just want me naked all the time.

Trace: Please?

If you could give your partner/husband anything, make his most secret and special wish come true…what would you do or what would it be?

Aiden: That would be difficult. Peace, I wish I could make every hurt in the world go away.

Trace: You are doing so much to make that happen.

Aiden: It’s not enough, but we are making headway.

If we were 25 years in the future, what do you see when you look back at your life together?

Aiden: I love Trace so much, twenty five years together would seem like only a short moment, like today was yesterday. He makes everything so special.

Trace: I can’t imagine life without Aiden. He’s the best man I’ve ever known. Twenty five years would be heaven.

 And just for fun:

Chocolate or vanilla?

Aiden: Both

Trace: Chocolate

Boxers or briefs?

Aiden: Commando

Trace: Boxer briefs.


Dog or cats?

Aiden: Neither, our jobs demand too much time.

Trace: I’m thinking about getting a cat.

Aiden: Really?

Trace: Yeah, there’s this really cute kitten that one of the nurses brought to the office.

Aiden: Wow, I’m surprised.

Trace: You going to say no?

Aiden: I could live with a cat.

Top or bottom?

Trace: Top. *Waits for Aiden to answer, gives him a pointed look*

Aiden: What, I’m versatile.

Ketchup or mustard?

Aiden: Mustard

Trace: Ketchup

Camping or hotel?

Aiden: Both

Trace: Hotel

Pool or beach?

Aiden: Beach

Trace: Beach

And then the nosy ones about your sex life:

How many times a week

Aiden: Every chance we get.

Trace: Morning, noon, and night if I could.

Aiden: You are so funny. Once per day, usually.

Weirdest place?

Aiden: Trace’s car

Trace: Forest

Ever been caught?

Aiden: Not yet.

Trace: Almost

 Cuffs or scarves?

Trace: Aiden has cuffs. He’s used them more than once, usually to prove a point.

Aiden: You like being tied up.

Trace: Only when you’re in charge.

Aiden: I like it too, when you’ve done it to me.

Trace: You keep talking like that we’re going to have to stop this interview

Aiden: I think we’re almost done

Final thoughts?

Aiden: It was good to talk with you. Trace is an amazing man, I only hope others get the chance to see what a wonderful person he is.

Trace: Aiden is the love of my life. He’s shown me so much, changed my perceptions of things. You should really get to know him better. I swear, he is the best man on the planet.

I've absolutely loved talking with the two of you! If people want to know more about how the two of you met, how about we send them over to get your book?

Buy Not that Type of Guy here: