Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Two for Tuesday: Kieran and Lucas, and a Free Read to Die for...

‎1. For those who haven't met you before...how about a quick introduction?

Kieran: Glances at Lucas, "Um, well . . ." He takes Lucas's hand in both of his and turns back to Laura. "I'm Kieran, and this is Lucas. He's my mate. Isn't he handsome?" He grins. "I'm a vampire hunter."

Lucas: Ducks his head to hide the blush. "Stop, they don't care about how I look." Glances up at Laura. "As he said, I am Lucas. I was human until several months ago. It's quite a long story to explain what happened, but the end result I'm now vampire too. I'm not a hunter, but I do go out with Kieran and assist and learn what I can from him."

Kieran: “He’s shy.” Kieran grins at Lucas’s bashfulness. “And modest. He’s better than he lets on. And I should clarify: I’m a vampire and a hunter. I hunt rogue vampires, but leave the innocent ones alone.”

‎2. How did the two of you meet?

Kieran: Looks at Lucas and laughs. "I had to save Lucas's life from the big bad wolf." He clears his throat and squeezes Lucas's hand. "Actually, it wasn't a wolf. A nasty rogue named Searcy wanted to kill Lucas and I sort of took it upon myself to protect him. You want to tell her about the first time you and I, uh, ran into each other, love?"

Lucas: "I had just picked up some Chinese take out. I swear I hadn't taken five steps out of the restaurant when I was hit by a Mack truck." Playfully punches Kieran in the chest. "At least that is what it felt like when Kieran ran into me, causing my food to go flying everywhere.”

Kieran: Kieran ducks as Lucas punches him in the chest. "Your food! What about my iPod? I had to give the thing a proper burial and everything." He flings his arm around Lucas and pulls him close to ruffle his hair. "It was worth it, though. I got you. Screw the iPod."

Lucas: "Hey, I got you a new iPod." Smiles, leaning back against Kieran.

3. You two are hot, er, I mean, a hoot. *Laura chuckles.* So, was it love at first sight?

Kieran: He nods and looks at Lucas with love in his eyes. "Yeah, it kinda was for me."

Lucas: Tilts his head back and looks at Kieran. "I can't say it was love at first sight for me, but I definitely was feeling him. I had lost my partner not long before and was a bit scared to get involved again, but it didn't take long for me to realize I couldn't live without him. I loved him before even knowing what he was."

Kieran: Gets a goofy smile on his face and tilts his forehead against Lucas’s. “You accepted my tattoos and everything.” Glances at Laura. “I have these warnings tattooed all over my body from when I was kicked out of my clan. I wasn’t always such a nice guy, and well, my clan wanted everyone to know that. I was ashamed of my tattoos until Lucas saw them and told me how much he loved them and how beautiful they were. He made me see them differently and now I enjoy showing them off.” Leans against Lucas again affectionately before pulling back and sitting upright again.

4. Lucas, what’s a day in the life of loving Kieran like?

Kieran: Blushes and looks down as Lucas answers.

Lucas: "Well, I don't get him all to myself. I have to share him with those two greedy muts." Glances at the dogs, lying at his feet. "Actually, I can't imagine life without him. We share a link, a bond with each other. When he is not here, I feel like I am missing half of my soul. We have our arguements like all couples, but really, loving him comes easy."

5. Kieran, same question back at you. What’s a day in the life of loving Lucas like?

Kieran: Still blushing, he looks at Lucas as he answers the question. "Wonderful . . . better than I ever imagined loving someone could be. Like he said, we have this link and I can feel everything he feels and I can hear this thoughts, and well, that makes things interesting sometimes." He grins and sends the thought to Lucas, but I'm not going to go into details about exactly when and how our link makes me hot as hell, love. He smiles pleasantly at Laura. "Next?"

6. Laura arches an eyebrow, feeling like something is going on she's not aware of. "Okay, what’s the best experience you’ve had as a couple?"

Lucas: Brushes his hand over his jaw as he thinks. "Hmm, that is a hard question. We have had so many experiences together. Major life altering things, but I think if I had to choose something, it would be Florida. We recently went down to Florida to visit Kieran's sister and then took a couple days to ourselves down there. I really enjoyed being away and just having time for the two of us away from everyday junk."

Kieran: Nods. “I would agree. We’ve had tons of great experiences. I mean, when Lucas saw my tattoos that first time and didn’t get scared off, that’s a stand-out memory for me. And the first time he told me he loved me. But Florida was so relaxing and we could really savor each other for the first time since we got together. Nothing but us. No rogues to kill or who were trying to kill us. It was nice.” He exchanges a knowing glance with Lucas.

7. What’s the worst experience?

Kieran: "When I thought I'd lost Lucas." He averts his gaze uncomfortably as he remembers when Jerald bit Lucas and almost killed him. "A rogue tried to change Lucas, but didn't give him enough venom and almost killed him. I had to complete the transition. Thank God my blood is so strong or I wouldn't have been able to save him." Kisses Lucas. "I knew Lucas had wanted to stay human and I hated putting him through the transition, but it was the only way to keep him alive, and I wasn't going to lose him." He looks at Lucas. "I'd die without you, love."

Lucas: Closes his eyes for a moment, getting lost in the memories of the past. Finally, swallowing the emotions that the memory brings, he nods. "That was a tough time. I understood why he changed me but it wasn't easy having it forced on me." Turning to smile at Kieran. "I love you too." Looking back at Laura. "For me the worst would be when Kieran almost died. A powerful ancient nearly burned Kieran alive. By the time I saw him..." Blinking back tears. "I really didn't think there was any hope. I thought he was dead."

Kieran: The room grows quiet and he pulls Lucas into his arms. "I'm not going anywhere, love."

8. Laura wipes away a tear and sniffles, clearing the emotion from her throat. "This next question sounds a bit inappropriate after that, but um, what’s your idea of a dream date?"

Lucas: Smiles as he glances at Kieran. "Dream date. Hmm, wow that is a tough question. I don't know. It doesn't matter where or what we do, it always turns out perfect, but…” Looks at Kieran. “I don't know, love. What do you think?”

Kieran: He smiles and thinks. “Hmm, wow, that’s tough, because every time we go out it’s like a dream date for me.” He thinks about Florida. “Maybe a date like we had in Florida.” He looks back at Laura. “Being able to go out and not have to worry about rogues coming after us or interrupting was really awesome. I can’t emphasize that enough.” He turns back to Lucas. “I might have to take you on vacation more often.”

Lucas: "I would love that." Lifting his hand to caress Kieran's cheek.

9. If you could give your husband anything, make his most secret and special wish come true, what would you do or what would it be?

Kieran: He chuckles and pats Lucas's hand. "Husband," he says dramatically before breaking into a good-natured laugh. "We're not married, yet, but," he lifts Lucas's hand to his mouth and kisses the gold band on his ring finger, "that's my most special wish, even if it's not a secret. Lucas knows I want to marry him and make it official. You know, make these rings mean something more than that we're committed to each other." He holds up his own hand to show off his ring.

Lucas: Meeting Kieran's eyes, as he gives Kieran's hand a squeeze. "I have to agree, he is my husband in every way, but to make it official." Takes a deep breath. "If I could give Kieran anything though, I would try to find a way to reconcile him with his family, his parents, brothers and sisters. I don't know if it would ever be possible, but it would be one thing I would love to give him if I could."

Kieran: “I think that bridge is burned, but who knows. Maybe you’ll be the bridge that brings us all back together.” Kieran smiles. “I guess I would do something similar for Lucas and help him where his parents are concerned. They’ve never accepted that Lucas is gay, and if I could wave a magic wand, I’d grant his parents the open-mindedness to accept him the way he is.”

Lucas: Frowns as he shakes his head. "I love you for thinking that, but I think my parents coming around is even more of a impossibility than yours welcoming you home." Sits silent, hoping Laura hurries with the next question.

10. Laura senses she needs to move on. Quickly. “Okay then, next question. If we were 25 years in the future, what do you see when you look back at your life together?

Kieran: "That it's just as drop in the bucket of how much time we still have together. That's the good thing about immortality. I get to have him forever." Smiles at Lucas.

Lucas: "I still can't wrap my mind around being immortal. I keep expecting to wake up to gray hairs and wrinkles. But Kieran is right. I don't think much will change. I think we will be pretty close to as perfect as they are now. I can't imagine it getting any better than it is."

Kieran: “Just as long as you still taste as good as you do now.” Kieran lifts his eyebrows and throws Lucas a cockeyed grin.

Lucas: Blushes, giving Kieran an exasperated stare and a playful shove. "Stop."

Kieran: Snickers as he glances back to Laura. “Okay, save him from me and ask your next question.”

Just for fun, then:

Chocolate or vanilla?

Kieran and Lucas: "Coffee Toffee!" They both practically shout it at the same time.

Kieran: Starts laughing and shoves Lucas's shoulder playfully. “Hey, that’s my answer!”

Boxers or briefs?

Lucas: Smiles slyly. "You don't." He slips the tip of his fingers down the back of Kieran's pants causally. "And me?"

Kieran: He clears his throat, a mischievous grin spreading over his face. “Both and all of the above.” He can’t help letting his gaze drop down to the front of Lucas’s pants before catching himself and sitting back abruptly and looking back to Laura.

Dogs or cats?

Kieran: Both, but I only have dogs right now.

Lucas: "I agree, both. Would love to get us a cat someday."

Top or bottom?

Kieran: "Yes."

Lucas: Laughs at Kieran's answer. "Yes both, but I do enjoy letting Kieran have control a lot of the time." Lowers his voice. "I enjoy submitting to him."

Kieran: Purrs and thinks this interview needs to move a little faster as he ranges his gaze up and down Lucas’s body.

Lucas: Speaks through their link. Behave, we have company.

Kieran: Narrows his eyes at Lucas and thinks back to him, Fine, but you’re mine as soon as this is over.

Lucas: Raises a brow, teasingly. You think? Maybe you're mine.

Ketchup or mustard?

Kieran: “Ketchup, definitely.”

Lucas: Nods. "Ketchup, but if you want the truth, I will take mayonnaise over those any day." Grins at Kieran.

Kieran: “With bacon.” He grins back, then winks at Laura. “Private joke. Let’s just say, who knew BLTs could be so fun?”

Lucas: fakes a cough. "Okay, next?"

Camping or hotel?

Kieran: Hotel. Easier to stay out of the sun that way.

Lucas: Frowns. "Being raised in Colorado, I love camping, but Kieran is right, now that I am vampire..." Let's his voice trail off and looks down.

Kieran: Makes a mental note to find a way to take Lucas camping.

Pool or beach?

Kieran: Remembers Florida. "Beach!"

Lucas: "Agreed, after that trip to Florida and our moonlit walks on the beach, I will take beach any day!"

Kieran Teague Kieran: "Walks?"

Lucas: Eyes flash between Kieran and Laura. "Um, yes... walks!"

Kieran: "Oh, yeah! Um, walks! That's right. Just walks." Turns away from Laura, trying to hide his smile.

Favorite sport?
Lucas: "Football! Go Broncos!"

Kieran: Yes, football.

Favorite book?

Kieran: "If you saw my library, you would know why I can't answer that."

Lucas: "That is easy for me. The Bible”

Favorite movie?

Lucas: "Now there is one I am not sure of. Maybe Shawshank redemption."

Kieran: "Where do I start? Bladerunner, Star Wars, Witness, almost anything with Harrison Ford or directed by Stephen Soderberg.

Favorite song?

Kieran: My favorite songs are too off-the-wall for most people to know and too numerous to relay here. I do enjoy classical music, though.

Lucas: "Kieran has really opened my mind to new artists, but I prefer classical most the time. What just depends on the day and my mood."

Favorite memory?

Lucas: Smiles and looks at Kieran. "It's one that almost wasn't at all. Kieran came into my room one night when I was going through a really hard time. He sat in the bed holding me, talking to me. He had me under compulsion during it, and I didn't remember it at all at the time. But once I learned what Kieran was, and he opened up my mind to the memory... Anyway, that is my favorite one. Coming in a close second, was the night Kieran proposed to me."

Kieran: “That’s a tough one. I feel like every new memory Lucas and I make is my favorite one. But I guess it could be that first time I took my shirt off and let Lucas see my tattoos. They were such a stigma for me and I had been so ashamed of them. I remember how nervous I was. I was shaking so badly. Lucas gasped and at first I thought he was repulsed and then he touched me and marveled over the intricate patterns that cover my chest, my torso, my back, and my arms. The look on his face and the tone of his voice as he told me my tattoos were beautiful…” He sighs and clutches Lucas’s hand. “I can still see and hear him. That was special for me.”

Fantasy vacation?

Lucas: Places his palm on Kieran's knee. "I would like to go to London with Kieran. I have always loved the history there, and to go with him, have him show me how it used to be when he lived there. It would be amazing to be able to see it through his eyes."

Kieran: “Fantasy vacation? Hmm. Call me a sap, but I just want to get Lucas in a mountain cabin – one of those really nice ones with an outdoor hot tub and a deck that wraps all around the house – and get snowed in with a stocked pantry, a huge stack of firewood, and a plush bear skin rug in front of the fireplace. We would have to snuggle under a blanket to keep warm. Yeah, that sounds perfect.”

And then the nosy ones about your sex life:

How many times a week?

Lucas: Feels his face redden as he glances back at Kieran then back down at his hands folded in his lap.

Kieran: Chuckles and gives Lucas a look. "How much is too much?"

Lucas: Blushes deeper, leaning his face against Kieran's shoulder.

Kieran: "Let's just say, it's enough." Grins at Lucas being all shy.

Weirdest place?

Kieran: "Umm." Exchanges glances with Lucas. "Where was the weirdest place, Love?" Looks at Laura. "We get pretty creative, so we might need to convo on this one."

Lucas: Lucas: "Um, maybe the parking garage, or..." Looks at Kieran and smiles. "The park bench?"

Kieran: "Oooohhhh, that’s right. The park bench." Smiles as he remembers that night.

Lucas: Glances back at Laura and nods. "Yeah, the park bench."

Ever been caught?

Lucas: Laughs. "Not that they remember."

Kieran: Taps his temple and winks at Laura. "Jedi mind trick. Anyone sees us, we can make them forget. Being a vampire has its perks."

Favorite positions?

Kieran: "Yes, please."

Lucas: "Yeah, what he said. Any and all."

Cuffs or scarves?

Kieran: "Neither. I like when he restrains me all by himself. No extra equipment required." Throws Lucas an adoring glance.

Lucas: Glances at Kieran. "Really? You like it when I force you, or um, hold you down?

Kieran: Gives Lucas a look. "Um, YEAH! Couldn't you tell?" Laughs.

Lucas: Shrugs. "You seem to always enjoy it, no matter how we do it." Looks at Laura and blushes again. "But now I know."

Brand of lube?

Lucas: Shrugs and looks at Kieran. "KY?"

Kieran: Nods. "Sure, if we get to it in time and it's within arm's length." Looks at Laura. "Sometimes we get in a hurry."

Lucas: Elbows Kieran gently. "You don't have to tell her everything."

Favorite fulfilled fantasy?

Kieran: Smiles at Laura and points at Lucas.

Lucas: "Kieran, he is every fantasy I could have, fullfilled."

Favorite waiting-to-be fulfilled fantasy?

Kieran: Shakes head. "I have none."

Lucas: "Me either. Finding and falling in love with Kieran, I can't think of anything that could top that. Well, maybe marrying him." Leans in to give Kieran a kiss.

Final thoughts?

Kieran: Only that if you want to read out story, we have a fan page on Facebook where we've posted all of it in the notes. The page is The Penthouse. The link to the first chapter of the first book is: https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=133054776773904

Lucas: Leaning back against Kieran. "Yeah, there is so much more to share, we would love it if people stopped by and said hello."

Thank you, my friends for stopping by. Now if you'd like a little bite to eat before you go...


  1. ooohhhh you two are so sweet..much love to you Lucas and Kieran. :-)

  2. This was a fun interview I really enjoyed it and loved the excerpt.
    I could really imagine Laura sitting there with Kieran and Lucas as they giggled through the replies to her questions.
    Well done.

  3. Thanks Laura, for getting the boys to sit down and share! Loved the interview! Much love Kieran and Lucas! Thanks for taking the time, loves!

  4. Lovely interview and I really liked the first chapter. So... When and where can I buy the book?

  5. Oh, for those of you who want to read more of Lucas and Kieran's story, follow the link below. This will take you to The Penthouse. From there, go to the "Notes." All four books are available for a short time longer. You have scroll back until you get to the first book, but they're all there!