Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Twosdays: Finn and Diego with Angel Martinez

I am unbelievably excited to have the delightfully wonderful and witty writer, Angel Martinez with us this week. If you haven't read Angel yet, read this interview, then go immediately to your favorite online book vendor and buy her books. All of them. Not kidding here....

Okay, anyway, before I scare you all away, please enjoy this interview of two of my favorites, Finn and Diego:

1. For those who haven’t met you before…how about a quick introduction:

Diego: Oh. Did you want me to start, mi vida?
Finn: No, no, I’m able to. I know how humans do this. I’m Finn Shannon. That’s the last name Diego gave to me because I needed one on a piece of paper. I’m a pooka. This is Diego Sandoval. Isn’t he handsome? But he’s mine. You can’t have him.
Diego (laughing): Finn! What a time to get possessive!
Finn (shrugs): It’s best to be clear about these things.

2. How did the two of you meet?

Diego: I spotted Finn on the rail of the Brooklyn Bridge one evening. I thought he was a jumper—
Finn: I might have jumped, love, if the water had been cleaner.
Diego: “Jumper” as in someone trying to kill himself, caro.
Finn: But I wasn’t. I was trying to stay alive, and doing a poor job of it on my own, I don’t mind saying.
Diego (pats his arm): I know. Anyway, I stopped to talk the man down and ended up taking him home because he was so ill and confused.

3. Was it love at first sight?

Finn and Diego answer at the same moment. Finn: Yes Diego: No
Finn: Truly? No?
Diego: Don’t get all upset. You were filthy and I thought you were crazy. And you’re really stretching the truth, you know. You didn’t even trust me at first, much less love me.
Finn: Perhaps. But I did, from the first moment, want to get your clothes off and shove my—
Diego: Finn! Dios! You don’t really have to go into all that.
Finn (muttering): Prude

4. Finn, what’s a day in the life of loving your man like?

Finn: Oh, Diego is often up before the crickets have quieted. He makes some of that dreadful poison…
Diego: Coffee
Finn: …and may even remember to kiss his poor pooka before he shuts himself up with the writing box…
Diego (hand over eyes): Computer
Finn: …where he makes stories. So he tells me. He usually comes out for lunch, though. I like lunch. If he’s had a good morning, he might be coaxed into some mating with lunch, which is lovely. Sometimes he might even stay for a nap afterward, but most days, he deserts me again until dinner.
Diego: You make it sound like you’re lying around pining for me all day.
Finn (nuzzling at Diego’s ear): Sometimes I do.

5. Diego, same question back at you. What’s a day in the life of loving your man typically like?

Diego: Please don’t pay any attention to him. He wants you to feel sorry for him so maybe you’ll fuss over him and offer him food. On a nice day, Finn doesn’t spend a moment more inside than he has to. He’s out the door after breakfast, hunting and fishing in the woods all day. When he finally wanders in, tracking mud and leaves all over the floor…
Finn: I don’t! Not anymore!
Diego: …he’s often too stuffed to eat what I’ve made him for dinner. On a bad weather day, he rattles around the house making a nuisance of himself until I have to stop work and pay attention to him before he causes some household disaster.
Finn: I would never—
Diego: Three words: Laundry machine flood
Finn: Ah. There was that.

6. What’s the best experience you’ve had as a couple? (*blushes* Okay, you can tell that kind of story if you want, but I meant how do people respond to you as a couple?)

Diego: I’m not sure I—
Finn: Wait, love. I have one. When we still lived in at Miriam’s house in New Brunswick and we had gone to town together for the first time?
Diego (smiles): Oh, right. Of course. I’d been afraid at the time of how people might react to Finn and I being together. Not everyone in Canada’s tolerant of gay couples, especially in the rural areas. We’d gone to the General Store in town for some supplies—cream for Finn, coffee for me—and Finn forgot my warnings and kissed the top of my head while we stood at the counter. The lady who runs the store frowned at us a minute and asked, “Are you two lovers?” When Finn said yes, she turned to me and whispered, “What’s it like? Bedding an Irishman?”
Finn: I think we laughed for days.

7. What’s the worst experience?

Finn chokes on a whimper and turns away
Diego (takes his hand): I think we’d rather not talk about that. You’d have to read the second book, the one Angel called “Diego.” I don’t think you’d ask the question again if you did.

8. What’s your idea of a dream date?

Diego: You know, we never really dated. I guess I never thought about it. But I’d like to take Finn to the theater some day. He likes plays on TV, so I think he’d enjoy it.
Finn (perks up): I would like to see the Blue People. They make such fascinating sounds.
Diego: Blue Man Group? Where did you see that?
Finn: On the picture box. Could we go, please?
Diego: Huh. Learn something new every day. I’ll see what I can do.

9. If you could give your partner/husband anything, make his most secret and special wish come true…what would you do or what would it be?

Diego (runs a thumb across the back of Finn’s hand): To live forever, so he wouldn’t have to go through the pain of separation again.

10. If we were 25 years in the future, what do you see when you look back at your life together?

Finn: Much laughter. Much love. Many good friends with us. And lots and lots of good…
Diego: Finn, please!
Finn (grins): …times.

And just for fun: (pick any or all)

Chocolate or vanilla? Finn and Diego answer simultaneously: Chocolate
Boxers or briefs? Finn (squirms): Neither. Underwear is such a bother.
Dog or cats? Finn (gives Diego a perplexed look): To eat? Diego: No, which do you prefer as a friend. Finn: Oh. I like both. Dogs are more sociable but cats have more sense.
Top or bottom? Finn: Yes, please. Diego (laughing): Depends on the mood.
Pool or beach? Diego (pats Finn’s leg): Beach. Pool chlorine makes him sick.

Favorite book? Finn: Anything Diego reads to me. I particularly liked his book about me.
Favorite movie? Diego: Finn’s a rabid Miyazaki fan. Finn: Totoro! Can we watch it tonight? Diego: Again? Finn: Howl’s Moving Castle, then? Diego: All right, fine. At least it’s been a few weeks for that one…

And then the nosy ones about your sex life:

How many times a week Finn: As often as possible. Diego: There are nights without sex. I do need a break sometimes. Lucky for me, Finn’s happy with a snuggle as a substitute.
Weirdest place? Diego (flushes): probably up in that huge pine tree. I still can’t believe he talked me into that.
Favorite positions? Finn (blinks): People have favorites? Does that mean they stop doing the other ones?
Cuffs or scarves? Diego (covers Finn’s ears): We don’t use the “C” word.

Final thoughts?

Finn (bows over Laura’s hand): Thank you for having us, beautiful lady.
Diego: Give Ms. Laura her hand back, caro. It’s hard for her to type one-handed.

(Finn and Diego live in Angel Martinez’s Endangered Fae series – now available through Silver Publishing: https://spsilverpublishing.com/index/book_authors_id/167/typefilter/book_authors )

Thank you darling Angel for bringing your men to visit. I just love them and you!


  1. *g* Thank you, Laura, for letting the boys run amok on your page! (And thank you for saying such lovely things about the stories, Finn's still preening, lol)

  2. Thanks for the intro to Finn & Diegos story. It sounds like a wonderful series. I just read the samples on Amazon, and will be purchasing very soon. Very excited to read.

  3. I loved the interview it was fun! Endangered Fae #1 is coming up in my to be read pile, I can't wait. I'm horribly strict about reading things in order :)

  4. Thank you for visiting with the boys, Debbie, they appreciate it!

    Oh, I understand, Panalopy! I have to read things in a certain order or something might get lost, lol

  5. Loved the interview & now I must go check out your books, Angel :)