Saturday, November 5, 2011

Daily Dose of DWS Photography

Beautiful art from DWS Photography!

This photo was removed by Facebook for excessive nudity or pornography. Sigh.
DWS Photography had a photo removed because someone went in there, opened one of the folders. Inside the folder, she saw something that offended her, so she reported the photo as pornography. Seriously?

You went to that site on purpose and then were offended by a beautiful piece of photography? Keep in mind, this is an age restricted page in FB and you only see the posts if you "Like" the page...and only see the photos in the folders if you go to the page and open them. Seems like a lot of trouble to me, for something you find offensive.
You'll notice there are plenty more photos on the blog that are more offensive, LMAO!
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  1. I think that IS beautiful, Laura. People need to grow up. Beth

  2. You are kidding? I hate that beautiful art can be restricted, banned and censored by a few handful of people who think they have the right to decide what is appropriate and what is not to the rest of us.

  3. It doesn't get any more ridiculous than this. Banning this photo is purposeful, malicious stalking. It's lovely, it's tasteful, it's beautifully shot.

  4. I have no printable words regarding the hater. Dan, you know I love your work.

  5. I love all of Dan's work. We just covered this on Bethany's show. Sickening that people report stuff. Just keep moving if you don't like it.

    Stalkers and haters be gone.