Monday, November 7, 2011

Daily Dose of DWS Photography!

In LE/Laura Harner News:
It's a busy week ahead, on the writing front. I am releasing two books on Friday! Whiteout and Rescued will finally be unencumbered by the former publisher.  New covers are on the right. Both are available for pre-sale at All Romance eBooks, and will be on Amazon and Smashwords this Friday. 

The work-in-progress seems to finally be flowing as well -my partner will be happy to hear. And once the two books are out the door, the WIP has all my attention. I plan to see the first draft of the WIP finished before Thanksgiving!

So, we all know why you're really here...I can think of no finer way to begin a very, very short EDJ work week than with a Daily Dose of DWS Photography!

Here's one of my personal favorites, and one of the artist's signature pieces. You may have seen the breathtaking B&W version previously, but this original version is stunning.
The Daily Dose: