Friday, February 17, 2012

Continental Divide Cover Art and Blurb!

Coming March 9th from 
Hot Corner Press!

The Blurb:

Detective Remington frickin’ hates the missing persons detail, but a cold fury builds in the pit of his stomach when he realizes that over the past three months six boys have disappeared from the smaller communities that surround the greater Phoenix area. All reported to be runaways looking to escape their shitty lives, but Remy’s starting to put together a different picture and he doesn’t like it one damn bit.

Inspector Jamie Mainwaring stares at the six reports, willing them to make sense. Six boys, six months, all from just outside of London, which meant six different investigations. All of the boys were between the ages of ten and fifteen, all purportedly runaways from dysfunctional families. Something was rotten in Denmark.

There are always runaways. Every small town loses them—every big city collects them. Kids look for freedom and discover they have more to lose than they ever thought possible. London and Phoenix, culture and cowboys, nothing linking these two sprawling metropolitan areas. Nothing except a hit on a computer data search.

Two cops, one a cowboy, the other a Lord. A secret government agency, human trafficking, and a blazing hot mutual distraction.

What the hell have Remington and Mainwaring gotten themselves into?

Doesn't that sound delicious? Writing this book with Lisa has been a delight. She is everything I look for in a writer, funny, sexy, and smooth. I have to work three times as hard to write my bits-I swear!

The best part is, I don't even have to feel sad that writing this book is coming to an end...
Just wait until you see what the guys have planned for Book Two, Oceans Apart...


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  1. I can't wait for this book to be released! I'm hooked! ;)

  2. Thanks, Tracey!

    It's been a hoot to write, and OMG there are so many things I want to sure...but I can't ;)

  3. I feel like I know these two already from the way you and Lisa talk about them, lol. So how could I not want it?

  4. After reading Ty Hard I am most certainly now a fan and follower of your blog! Really looking forward to this release Laura - sounds fantastic!

  5. P.S. ......and I LOVE Lisa too

  6. Yes, that does sound delicious! :D

  7. I love books about cops! Would love to read this one! :)

  8. I love Lisa's books and I'm looking forward to getting to read something written by you!