Sunday, September 4, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

This week's six comes from Continental Divide, a mystery romance I am writing with the fabulous Lisa Worrall.

The Set up

Inspector James 'Jamie' Mainwaring, who also happens to be the forty-second Duke of Fordham, and eighty-seventh in line for the throne, is a copper up to his arse in missing boys. Detective Remington knows personally that runaway boys will do whatever it takes to survive a night on the street, but he's got a problem when they go missing from his city. The two men are brought together in an investigation of human trafficking that spans continents and involves those the at highest levels of international politics.

The Six

The tap on the door startled him. Without hesitation, Remy grabbed his gun from its spot on top of the bureau, and moved to stand just to the side of the door. A quick peek through the small hole gave him a fish-eye view of a suited arm and a hand holding an identification card. Remy opened the door with a quick jerk and used his gun to gesture the other man inside.

“Let me see it,” he held out his hand for the credentials. With one hand on his weapon and the other reaching for the small leather folder, Remy became suddenly aware that he had no hands left to hold up his towel.

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