Sunday, September 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

From Continental Divide, my WIP with the wickedly talented Lisa Worrall. What do you have when you mix one Scotland Yard Inspector, one Phoenix Police Department Detective, and too many missing boys? It's an international affair, to be sure.

Then with one raised eyebrow and an order to dance, Remy had forgotten everything about their assignment and was lost in the immediacy of Jamie. In having him right-the-fuck-now.

Christ, how the hell was he supposed to stay focused on creating their cover when tall, dark, and say-my-name was all over him like a wet dream? He could close his eyes and picture that dark hair, the perfect face, and the deep green eyes half hidden under the sleepy-sexy lids. The holy-shit orgasm that nearly made him black out. He’d wanted to fall to the other man’s feet and beg for forgiveness for what he knew he had to do.

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  1. Oh, great ending! I wanna know what he has to do! Great Six!

  2. Absolutely- I agree Kally- WOW, what a great 6 this week

    Dawne P

  3. have mercy! awesome!
    keep pondering our Vegas Brewery my dear...we shall make it happen eventually.