Sunday, August 28, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

The Set Up
Cass wants Tyler, no doubt about it, and as part of his planned slow seduction he takes Ty to Las Vegas. The evening goes better than he could have hoped, but he decides he wants to take Tyler home before they fully make love. He has it all figured out, a leisurely breakfast, a quick flight home, then the afternoon spent in bed, making love. Instead, a phone call from the ranch informs Cass he needs to get home to deal with an emergency-someone poisoned his cattle.

The Six

Ty walked around the bed and for a brief moment, Cass fantasized he was bringing his morning wood for quick blowjob--but Tyler leaned down and took Cass’ face between his hands.

“Thank you for yesterday, Cass…for last night…it means a lot. Now let’s go home and take care of this,” he said. Ty bent to brush a chaste morning kiss and then moved unselfconsciously toward the bathroom. 

Cass watched the muscles of Tyler’s bare ass contracting and releasing with each step as he strode away.

Damn,” he whispered. 

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