Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Blog Hop and Prizes!!

Welcome to the Easter Weekend and the giant Easter Blog Hop Giveaway!

I love having family and friends gather for a holiday meal or s special event. And look! Here you are, gathering at my place for the holiday weekend.

This weekend, hundreds of prizes are available through the Blog Hop...and not just the prizes listed on the main page. Many of the authors have additional give-aways and daily prizes.

Make sure to leave a comment to enter the giveaway here at Penis Envy. What's the big prize on my site you ask? Four books plus a $10 Gift Card for All Romance eBooks!

That's right, the entire Three's Allowed Series: Whiteout, Rescued, Salvation and next month's new release, Redemption.

Extra prize, just for today!

Today, as an additional incentive...I'm giving away a copy of Continental Divide, the best-selling new release from Lisa Worrall and LE Harner (HEY-that's me!) All you have to do to enter is leave a comment for your chance to win. (Yes, you may substitute a different book, if you already have CD). 

The Blurb:

Detective Remington frickin’ hates the missing persons detail, but a cold fury builds in the pit of his stomach when he realizes that over the past three months six boys have disappeared from the smaller communities that surround the greater Phoenix area. All reported to be runaways looking to escape their shitty lives, but Remy’s starting to put together a different picture and he doesn’t like it one damn bit.

Inspector Jamie Mainwaring stares at the six reports, willing them to make sense. Six boys, six months, all from just outside of London, which meant six different investigations. All of the boys were between the ages of ten and fifteen, all purportedly runaways from dysfunctional families. Something was rotten in Denmark.

There are always runaways. Every small town loses them—every big city collects them. Kids look for freedom and discover they have more to lose than they ever thought possible. London and Phoenix, culture and cowboys, nothing linking these two sprawling metropolitan areas. Nothing except a hit on a computer data search.

Two cops, one a cowboy, the other a Lord. A secret government agency, human trafficking, and a blazing hot mutual distraction.

What the hell have Remington and Mainwaring gotten themselves into?

Excerpt from Chapter Two

Remy gave the mirror a swipe with the spare towel and took a good look. Running a comb through his freshly cut brown hair, he thought briefly about searching for stray grays mixed in with the brown, then gave himself a snort. What the fuck did he care if he had a gray hair or two? At thirty-seven and in his line of work, he was lucky to still be alive. He turned his side to the mirror to catch sight of the latest scar, a long pink pucker that creased his left side. Seven months ago, a bullet had nearly cost him a kidney and was the reason Oswald had been able to get away with reassigning him to Missing Persons. It was just one scar of many, and he knew it would fade with time.

He rubbed his jaw and decided one more day of growth wasn’t going to make a difference. The tired eyes would be enough to scare any sane person away, and it wasn’t as if he was here to impress anyone. Hell, the only thing he wanted to impress was a hot mouth on the other side of a glory hole. And it had better be soon because it had been a while since he’d taken even that release. He blew out a breath and wondered if he had time for a little stress relief. A quick look at the counter revealed lavender-scented hand lotion to match the soap. With a defeated sigh, he made a mental note to pick up lube and condoms later.

The tap on the door reminded him he was here for a reason. Without hesitation, Remy grabbed his gun from its spot on top of the bureau, and moved to stand just to the side of the door. A quick peek through the small hole gave him a fish-eye view of a dark sleeve and a hand holding an identification card. Remy opened the door with a quick jerk and used his gun to gesture the other man inside.

“Let me see it.” He held out his hand for the credentials. With one hand on his weapon and the other reaching for the small leather folder, Remy was fully aware that left him with no hands to hold up his towel. Some things couldn’t be helped.

* * *
“Who the hell are you?” Jamie asked incredulously, not expecting to find himself staring down the barrel of a gun. Regardless of the gorgeous hunk of man-flesh at the other end of it. Rephrase that, the naked gorgeous hunk of man-flesh at the other end of it, as the man's loosely secured towel slipped to the floor. His gaze traveled slowly over the man’s ruggedly handsome face and down the muscled planes of his torso. Pausing longer than was perhaps polite on the long thick length of the man’s cock laying heavy against his thigh, he tried not to lick his lips as he continued down the muscled legs to the bare feet poking from beneath the dropped towel on the floor. Maybe a little homespun and unrefined for Jamie's tastes, but undeniably gorgeous all the same. “Well, I feel slightly over-dressed,” he drawled sarcastically. “If I'd known it was going to be a slumber party, I'd have packed my jammies."

“James Manwearing?” Remy questioned glancing from the ID to Jamie and back again.

Suddenly the man-flesh looked less edible as eyebrows rose high under the shaggy brown hair falling in deep brown eyes. Jamie grabbed his black wallet from the stranger’s fingers and shoved it into his jacket pocket. “It’s pronounced Mannering,” he snapped. “I’d ask to see your badge, but I don't think you can show me anything I haven't already seen.”

Jamie strode across the room to pull back the flimsy curtain and peer out into the street. Good God, what a dump! He had no idea dives such as this one even still existed in a city as affluent as London. What had good-looking done to deserve this? More to the point, what had he done to deserve this?

One minute he’s sitting at his desk, going over the latest reports with one of his team and the next he’s being dragged into the Chief Inspector’s office and told to clear his calendar and report to this address. There had been no explanation, just the steely glare of his superior and a sticky-note slapped into his palm. Jamie had worked for the man long enough to know that all he could do was follow orders and hope there was an explanation waiting for him when he arrived.

What he hadn’t been expecting was a naked man-mountain to open the door and stick a gun in his face. Turning to the man who, thankfully, had shoved some jeans and a shirt on, Jamie put his hands on his hips. “Okay, who are you and what the hell am I doing here?”

“Name’s Remington and I was gonna ask you the same thing, Detective Man-wearing.”

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